Girl Power!

Go Day!

Today is such an exciting day for us here at Sissy Roo’s Closet! After many many years of working toward a goal we have finally achieved the first milestone!! The launch of our Girl Power clothing line has been a dream of ours for over 10 years.  Thanks to some really amazing people, (you know who you are) this day has finally arrived!

Our daughter has always been a super special little girl that has always embodied the Girl Power philosophy from a very young age. As she grew into who she is today we felt there truly wasn’t a brand of clothing that allowed her to show off her edgy style but is still modest and appropriate for little girls to wear.  Thus, the Girl Power clothing line was born. To watch an idea turn into a passion and a passion turn into reality has been an amazing journey. We have met so many inspirational girls and young women that have motivated us to keep moving forward with our dream. So, thank you for the stories that you have told us, the ideas you have shared that have inspired us and most importantly thank you for the love and support! To all of the wonderful girls out there, this clothing line is dedicated to you and to all the amazing adventures, relationships and journeys each and every one of you has to still experience.

The belief that every young girls needs to embrace their inner edgy, “live life to the fullest,” beautiful selves is ingrained in the heart and soul of this brand. We want each of you to love what you wear and have amazing adventures while wearing it.

Help us empower girls everywhere by wearing Girl Power Tees & Accessories. Wear It! Live it! Love it! – Girls Rock!!

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